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    Acazia Official Japan Blog – The Plague

    I chose to stay at Suzuki Guesthouse for another week, not necessarily because I was scared to go outside, but because I was trying to decide how to go about the rest of my journey. It’s been nearly 7 months since I left home and I was planning for at least 12. Not wanting this to end so soon, I came up with a few options, none of which were appetizing. Plan A: move on. Just like the Schengen Area in Europe, Japan has a 90 day rule, which I did not want to overstay. Although the reason sounded pretty just, illegal activity, no matter the motivation, is not something…

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    Acazia Official Japan Blog – Pomehuahua

    I could hear the yippy creature from outside. It had only taken an hour or so from Friends to Suzuki Guesthouse https://www.hostelworld.com/pwa/hosteldetails.php/Suzuki-Guesthouse/Kyoto/267526 The city center was like any other, with tall buildings of glass and streets filled with people; a little less here than Tokyo, but still business men and women marching to work. I passed through a market, then around Nijo Castle to my destination. I entered, kicked off my shoes and filled out the usual forms. The lady offered me tea and we talked for a moment. Something about her accent made me question where she learned English. “Self taught,” she said. I was impressed; trying to learn…

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    Acazia Official Japan Blog – Geisha Girls

    I went anyway, through the rain, knowing I’d be stuck waiting outside the front door. Turns out it was open, so I slipped inside. The receptionist greeted me and offered toast and tea, which I took the latter of and waited until check in. YouTube entertained me on the couch until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. They let me into the room an hour before the usual time, since there weren’t very many guests and the building was already near spotless. The place was Friends https://www.hostelworld.com/pwa/hosteldetails.php/Friends-Kyo/Kyoto/278444 and over the week, I made a few of them. A traveling Australian guy was the first to introduce himself on…

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    Acazia Official Japan Blog – The House of Anne (Part III)

    Sticking with Anne’s for yet another week I made the arrangements to get to Kyoto. There was an overnight bus I’d be taking for around a tenth of the price of the train tickets. I was actually looking forward to it; I’ve never been on a night bus so the experience would be something fresh and unique. Able to take a breath, it was finally time to see the Imperial Palace. Just a quick jaunt down the road, I came across the more business section of the city. Tall buildings soared over head, their windows reflecting warm sunlight down to the city streets. Across the moat and through the gate…

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    Acazia Official Japan Blog – The House of Anne (Part II)

    Something that I haven’t done on my trip so far, I’ve decided to stay at Anne’s for another week. I love the aesthetic here, with the traditional feel and pleasant atmosphere. The writing space is comfortable and I’m still close to everything I have yet to see or enjoy. With this new virus starting to take off and become more of a global concern, schools and a lot of touristy places have begun to shut down. Unbeknownst to me, one of the cities grandest museums was just a little ways away back towards Hiromas Hostel. Since the place was closed on Monday, I went the next day. I made a…

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