Acazia II: The Stone of Corruption

(Fantasy / Romance)

[WIP] -Synopsis is hidden to prevent spoilers-

Author Notes: Taking a break after finishing the first novel, book two started in the fall of 2019. In September, I started traveling Europe for the third time on my own, and now that I knew what I was doing, I could simultaneously explore and write. I had a goal in mind, to write the entirety of the second book while on the road. And I almost did just that. For nearly eight months, I took trains and wrote, went to foreign coffee shops and wrote, stayed in hostels and wrote. While concurrently building up travel blogs and capturing images from my adventures, I continued to write. Unfortunately, an unforeseen enemy drove me back to my home in Canada, where I would finish the first draft of the second novel in the summer of 2020. At the time of writing this, Acazia: The Stone of Corruption is unedited, and is not yet looking for representation.