Acazia I: The Stone of Purity

(Fantasy / Romance)

The world of Acazia is filled with magic and now at war. Roy, a young man and untrained knight survives an attack by the Derbi, but is inflected with a terrible curse. After meeting the mysterious Maria and learning of the Derbi’s plot to spread their darkness further, Roy and Maria must travel to new lands and rally the Protectors to defeat the enemy. But the Derbi have a Protector of their own, and if he attains his goal, he will be unbeatable.

Author Notes: The first prickling of an idea came to me in middle school, thought the true scope of the world wouldn’t take shape until I was older. In high school, I was told being an author was an unrealistic career choice. Acazia would be hobby and something I told myself not to take seriously. But it stuck in my head, and I absolutely loved it. My hobby became nearly an obsession and I couldn’t go a single day without, in some way, building my world. For over a decade I honed my skills with countless drafts and post-secondary writing courses. Finally, in the spring of 2018, the first story in the trilogy was complete, but of course, it would need even more revisions until I would be satisfied with it. I am currently looking for an agent, editor and publisher for Acazia: The Stone of Purity.