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    Neon lights from dozens of slot machines lit up the hall of the Las Vegas airport. In baggage claim, pictures danced on an Imax sized screen, advertising the local shows and shops. I claimed a taxi and headed down the street adjacent to the strip. Arriving at my hotel in no time, I checked into the Tuscany Suite & Casino and found my room past the pool in a separate building. After a quick bite, I slept off my long day of travel. The Las Vegas Writers Conference (or LVWC) was held in the hotel’s conference center, so there was no threat of getting lost or being late. Early the…

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    Welcome to my story, both as a writer and a traveler. Acazia first came to me when I was 14, and I started traveling around Europe before turning 25. This site is to showcase my adventure through each, the trials and tribulations of writing and exploring as I, like so many before me, attempt to find my purpose in life.

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