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So the title may be a little misleading, but I had an enjoyable week. I did nothing. Yep, pretty much nothing. I got to my hostel 3 hours early and waited for check in. Screaming kids were running around, unknown to me if they were the children of guests or staff.  I overheard the receptionist and a guest discussing an additional fee for his late checkout. It was pretty high, so I reminded myself to make sure I checked out on time. Soon enough I could drop my bag and put up my feet.

The walk through Berlin was fine with a nice breeze and warm sunlight, leaving the touristy north and heading a little south. It quickly became apparent that this new area was a little sketchier than around Brandenburg Gate. Graffiti covered the ground floor of EVERY building, including the bathrooms of my hostel.  Down the street was the local grocery store and everyday outside were homeless and dealers. The dealers didn’t approach me there, but at least three different guys outside the park did. I had my headphones in, so I just waved them off but needless to say, I tried to avoid the area.

Just because the people were a little unnerving wasn’t the reason I was so secluded this week. There are two kinds of vacations: one where you see and do everything like museums and tours and another where you lounge and do nothing. In this area there wasn’t a ton of touristy stuff to do, more night life which isn’t my thing, so I took a slack week. Instead I wrote, a lot, and got some good work done for my job back home. I chilled around the hostel mostly, watched videos for a few hours and caught up with friends back home.  Again, sounds boring to you but very necessary for me.

Continuing with the wonderful roommates I’ve had, there were a few of note. The first guy I really talked to was Australian vacationing with a broken foot. We chatted about what you’d expect; schooling, the weather, etc. When the topic of wildlife finally came up, he laughed. Yes they do have enormous snakes and spiders down there but even more of a problem are kangaroos; yes kangaroos. They’re the deer of down under, chowing down on people’s gardens and causing traffic accidents. I told him how driving into a moose could transform your car into a convertible. He didn’t believe me until I showed him pictures.

Alongside him I met a Spanish dude in his early twenties trying to get a job, a guy from Texas doing the same thing and an Italian gentlemen going into university.  So is Germany is a job hub? By the way, did you know on a German resume you have to have a photo?

Then there were the girls in my room. It started with three, but then moved up to five; all French.  The two groups jabbered back and forth and between each other. Maybe if I’d paid a little more attention in class, I would’ve had some idea of what they were talking about. For dinner one night, the new pair joined me (the other tables in the eating room were full.) The one who I primarily spoke to, despite being Parisian, had a thick English accent. I guess that’s what happens when you get a teacher from the UK.  She was a tiny thing on her birthday weekend and upon returning home, would go back to school before looking for work at a museum. They said they were going out that night (their last night) and may have been deciding whether to invite me or not. I ask what they’d be getting up to. They told me the name of the ‘special’ club they were looking at; I looked it up and noped out of there fast.

So much to do in so little time. Booked my train ticket and next hostel a few days in advance, as always, and was pre-packed before morning came. It would be another easy trip since the train stations were close to both hostels. I’ll hold onto some Euros for when I come back, but Poland has its own currency.


  • Your Biggest Fan

    Another great blog Ty. It is nice to see you finding the “balance” we talked about. Your adventures are not just to race around, see the “sights,” put a check in the box and then move onto the next thing. It is to experience your destination, to find peace in your surroundings and to take downtime and do what feeds your soul, writing! It seems your bag’o’business provided just what you needed this week.
    I love to hear about the new people you meet. Everyone will have a story to tell and those stories can provide everything from advice, to warnings or simply offer anecdotal content for your book. Travel is not always just about the location, but the people be them native to the country or fellow nomads like yourself. You may find a friendship that lasts a lifetime or a new love.
    I would love to know what the girls were up to 😉 but glad you were strong enough to “nope” yourself out of something that did not sit well with you, for whatever reason. Same as the “dealers.” As someone who loves you, it provides me with a sense of relief and a bit of reassurance that you are fiercely independent enough to not get caught up in trying to blend in by doing what goes against your beliefs.
    I think Poland will be amazing and I cannot wait to read the next entry. BTW Chapters 2&3 has us excited about what is to unfold! Stay safe bud!

  • Ray

    Awesome to see you take the time to chill, balance in life is so important and travel can cause you to want to always be doing something, not the best thing for the long haul. Funny to read about the dealers, and sketchy area of town. Suffice to say you did the right thing, ignore them, stay in at night, and enjoy the down time! Sadly every major city will have areas like this, but I know you have a great plan to deal with it!

    I love that you are learning about people from other countries, whether its Australia, or France, learning only expands your understanding and helps promote gratitude for the things we enjoy as Canadians! I cannot imagine Canada with Kangaroos bouncing around everywhere, deer and moose are bad enough, but bouncing road blocks that wanna box, LOL, interesting to find out they are Australia’s deer.

    I am looking forward to the day that you “connect” intellectually with a girl over there. One as an equal in intellect, yet one that understands the importance of what you are doing, and your future plans. She is out there I am sure, keep on having those dialogues Ty, and have fun looking!

    I love the fact that down time has seen you knock out a few chapters of your next book, I have to say the last couple have been pretty engaging and funny as heck. I cannot wait to read more and I have confidence, you will find the right fit in terms of an agent, it is only a matter of time!

    Enjoy Poland, and Thanks for sharing ole Boring Berlin!

  • Grandpa

    Hi Tink, it’s great to hear about your travels and personal interactions with the locals and fellow travelers. The Berliners must be saddened by their homeless, graffiti and pusher problems. That seems to be a sign of the time ( its world wide ). I am also glad we don’t have Kangaroos hopping all over the place.
    Have fun in Poland, write lots and meet lots of girls.
    Be safe, love you.

  • Linda

    Good to hear you took time off to rest up and recollect your energy and thoughts for your next trek and adventure in Poland.
    Unfortunately many have trouble coping in life and lose their way in the form of drugs and other addictive behaviours which we see around the globe.
    You have keen insight and listened to your inner voice by abstaining from the invitation “to party” as they say. You are strong and independant and very much your own man. I admire that in you !
    What a priviledge to converse with many from other countries and ethnic backgrounds about their travels, experiences, customs and stories. Your experiences are fueling your imagination for chapters in your next book. GO TYE !
    I see a brunette, blonde or redhead in your future! ? LOL

  • Jody

    Another great blog Ty! Exploring new places does not always mean that you must go go go, sometimes just laying low and reconnecting with your friends and family from home is what’s needed for the soul. I love that you are meeting new and interesting people, and proud that you are staying true to yourself. I can’t wait to hear about your time in Poland. Be safe and have fun.