Acazia Official Czech Republic Blog – Pretty Prague

Fog and mist. A grey haze fell upon and drifted through the city for most of the time I was there. A night time walk through the winding roads led me to Art Hostel. It was nice, and though my room was large, the little alcove I was tucked into was quite. There were a few people from multiple backgrounds packed in with me over the week, notably two Asian girls from Korea; South Korea. They made sure I knew it was south.

Smoking is bad, and when you’re housed in a room with a bunch of other people and not being subtle about it, especially so. You’ve already been given a warning, you’re acting extra sketchy, drugged up, hitting on all the ladies and walking around in not but a towel. I’m not surprised you were thrown out of the hostel. Doesn’t bother me none.

Now a quick run though on money math. At the time of writing this, when in Germany, I was dealing with the common Euro. A simple enough calculation when shopping: add half; if it says 10E, it’s actually 15CAD. Then the Pols had their own currency and that came out at one third; if it says 10PLN, its only 3CAD. Now, when I came to Czech Republic I freaked out. The numbers where so incredibly high, like disgustingly so. Then I figured out the exchange was 17 to 1. A 10CZK item was under a dollar, around 60-70 cents.

So many things to see. Prague Castle, especially from the balcony, had a great view of the city, the canal and the multitude of bridges. Though the sky wasn’t blue, it was breath taking none the less. The church and grounds were lovely. The castle museum boasted many portraits and decorative things along with a weapons room and a collection of musical instruments. Live, centuries old music played from behind the closed doors of a sold out show. Through this beauty though, came something sour.

Things are all starting to look alike, feel similar, and get dull; boring. Nothing against Prague, but I did not enjoy it as much as I should have. I’ve been to so many splendid cities, but by doing the same thing over and over, this routine is getting exhausting: Find my train, ride said train, walk to the hostel, check in, sit on a bed in a room filled with strangers and try to do some work. Now time to find the nearest grocery store, hope the showers work and pray my neighbours don’t snore. Wander the city hours alone and gain a few blisters along the way. The cold of winter is already starting to kiss at my cheek.

These weekly blogs take time, not much but still, mental effort. Acazia is suffering too. My steam, this new found adrenaline of writing freedom has swiftly dwindled. Seven weeks in and a third of the way through the second book, I need a bit of a break. Boredom and loneliness have started to take their toll on my mind. I have little to no one to converse with, and with no strict schedule to keep me on track, I find myself putting off the few important things I want to do in favour of sitting alone with a screen on my lap.

This stupid self pity took such a toll I almost forgot about the one major thing I actually wanted to see. It was a ways away, an hour by train, but luckily I was reminded to see it the day before I left. The Sedlec Ossuary, also known as the bone church, was filled and decorated with the bones of thousands of dead. It was small, little more than a main room with a few alcoves of bones stacked in pyramid shape to the ceiling. A chandelier of human remains hung delicately over the central chamber flanked by four towers of skulls and crossbones. In a few glass cases around the room were more skulls, revealing their horrifyingly fatal injuries. Hanging proudly off to the side was the coat of arms of House of Schwarzenberg. Brno is next on my places to see and visit. I hope I feel a little better there.


  • Your Biggest Fan

    Your post on Prague had me run the gamut of emotions. Your take on the smoker and the people you have run into always makes me chuckle. The currency exchange I can imagine would be frustrating and a little startling if you did not know the rates.
    I’m sorry Prague was grey. I bet it is beautiful and definitely on my destination list. I think the somber tone did little to improve your somber mood.
    I am not sure that this place is boring or you are just feeling the doldrums because of the constant state of flux you are in. Moving all the time, finding accommodations. writing, working, not finding places open, missing home… these are all things that can weight on the mind and weight you down. My best advise would be to keep in mind the amazing opportunity you have been given and be thankful for it. You have the ability to see the world and are being supported to do what you love best, and that is write! IF you get stuck with your writing, work on one of your other incredible works; that may keep your mind and spirit, fresh. I for one and very proud of you.
    I am glad you made it to the “bones” place; looked a very macabre place to see.
    Heads up Ty, you will be in your “stable” place soon and everything you have done to this point will all make sense!

  • Ray

    Ty, sorry you have hit the wall I spoke of before you left. Depression, loneliness, home sickness all start to cause issues. The good part, it passes… One of the things that will help is a change of venue, looks like you have that covered. The other is a change of routine, stay longer in places, get out more, start that other novel, write for a travel magazine, you get my point. Live more in the moment, in gratitude of what you have, and that dream you are living will blossom with vibrance and colour! YOU are doing what do many want to do…that is off the charts cool!

    I am glad that you visited Prague, sorry that it was not for you, but you DID reach the Church of Bones!!! The pictures are crazy, just think of the thought process that went into creating a church with the remains of the dead? I am sure it would be a conversation that would not go over well in todays society, yet, the history of it remains.

    You have many family and friends to talk too, reach out, I am sure they would love to chat with a world traveller! You are missed!

    Finally, the blogs are a way of putting your experiences out there, to allow others to journey with you, to laugh, cry, or be enthralled by the story. It might seem a bit repetitive, but i can assure you, on this end, seeing your images, and reading your words, well it makes my day! So, thank you for taking the time to take images, and share your experience in words!!! Have fun in Bruno!

  • Grandpa

    Everyone hits that wall and it can be difficult for some to overcome but, you are a strong man and you will overcome that nagging feeling. You have members of your family walking with you every step of the way, just remember we all LOVE and miss you,. Smile and hold your head high you have accomplished more than you give yourself credit for.
    That church must be amazing, I wonder how you can put that experience in your book!?
    I assume at some point your direction will take a more southerly trek with warmer weather ahead.
    As usual be safe and HAVE FUN, talk to all the girls.
    Love Grandpa

  • Linda

    Hi Tink. It was unfortunate a fellow traveler made things awkward for others. On a brighter note, your walk through Sedlec Ossuary though somewhat macaube was fascinating to me. It provides “food for thought”. I imagine the legends, myths and beliefs of the people living in the 18th century that you have the talent and ability to write about.
    Have faith in yourself. You are capable of much. I predict moving on to Brno will lift your spirits ! Love you always. X0X