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Getting off the train, I was on the outskirts of town. Walking down the main street, it looked like a town not yet finished loading. There was so much construction, so many buildings cracked or crumbling with boarded up doors and grimy windows. However, when I came upon the town center and touristy zone, everything was clean again.

Check in was two doors down, offsite of the hostel. Up the skinny, twisting steps I found my room in Hostel Mitte. Similar to in Prague, I had a little alcove pretty much to myself. With a small desk just off to the side and a trio of windows blowing in cool autumn air, Brno felt like a literal breath of fresh air. There was a grocery store less than 60 seconds from my room, the en suite bathroom was graciously large and comfortable and the beds were cozy and warm. The front door constantly protested to open, but some things can’t be helped.

So… it wasn’t a date; not really, maybe. I’m not sure, why don’t you tell me. She came in when it was just me, looking around for her bed. We found it, the one above mine and we got to conversing. Her English was broken, intertwined with a German accent. Our talk of travel turned to regional and cultural differences. She seemed as interested in my opinions as I was of hers. We googled and swapped pictures of our home towns and a few stories along with. Then she went out, for a bit, and upon her return we got back into politics. It was already getting dark, and mid conversation she asked, “Do you want to get a beer?” Remembering the shyness I exhibited with the Frenchy back in Berlin, I of course said yes.

The drinks took a while to get to. We wandered the dimly lit streets, passing by a Ferris wheel and the local college until we came across the cities church where we waited a while. Along the way I bugged her about how much the Europeans smoke, which she agreed was distasteful. I brought up the fact that I didn’t see many solo female travelers, only groups of girls or ladies with their boyfriends. She countered with the standard “solo travel gives me freedom,” and “none of my friends could come anyway.” She also gave me a “you don’t look like a rapist,” which I took as a… complement? And then the line that took me aback. I quote:

“If you were with a girl I would not have asked you for drinks.”

We bantered back and forth, not able to decide which venue would behold our presence. Finally, picking a loud but tiny place, we each claimed a drink. Conversation kept up; covering so many topics I can’t remember them all. Within an hour, the bar was closing shop (we had walked for a while before choosing this venue) and our bill came. I paid, she got mad, I shrugged it off. To be fair, her pint was 25CHZ, which is less than 2CAD. My cocktail was three times that.

We went home, then to bed, and when morning came, had another brief conversation. She had stayed her one night and was leaving; had to catch her bus and train home. She told me to make sure I went and saw the castle, (which we talked about the night before) gave me a smile and a wave, and vanished beyond the door. I didn’t get her Facebook, number or anything like that. She gave me her name once, and I don’t even remember it.


There’s something about Czech castles and their amazing views. Špilberk Castle rose up high above the city and with a blue sky the scenery rivaled that of Prague. The interior was closed, but the grounds were open and beautiful. The walls were tall and of stone and cannons pointed from the tower turrets. The windy chill of late October rippled through the air. Kids and dogs played in the fallen amber leaves as families made their way to and from the caste gates. 

Unfortunately, fun and good times ended here.

I visited the castle on Monday, so I figured the stores would be open. Nope. For some reason unknown to me even today, the usually bustling streets were shallow of people. Most everything was closed, including the grocery store. This is the second time I’ve been left without a reliable food source (Wroclaw the first time.) I had to pull a bit of cash and get my daily sustenance from the overpriced roadside vendors. Most of them were closed too, but I managed to find a few still serving. Then, the next day, I set out to find my keychain keepsake. I wandered for over an hour and everything marked as a souvenir store was clearly not. One was a beauty salon while the other two sold things like porcelain pottery and fabrics. I asked the hostel check in desk and they pointed in the direction of my desired destination. After walking around for almost another hour, I frustratingly went back and asked the hostel again. They pointed it out on the map this time; literally thirty seconds down the road.

I got the things I needed and am ready to travel on Halloween day. Austria is only a few hours away; time to Czech out.


  • Your Biggest Fan

    A DATE! Yay, that is awesome. Drinks, conversation, an evening walk, yes that is a date! I am bummed you did not get, or remember, her info. You never know, fate, kismet, karma, destiny, serendipity, whatever you call it, has a way of putting people in your path when they are needed to fulfill an aspect of your life in some fashion. Maybe you will find this girl again in Germany, when you return.
    I am glad the hostel was nice. Seems it is hit or miss. Maybe you need a calendar of local holidays for whatever city/country you are in that way you are sure to get food before the “shutdown.”
    The castles all over Europe sound amazing and it just gets me itching to get out and travel the world. As I told you at the beginning of this journey, you and I will see something epic, together.
    Say by bye Brno and travel onwards Ty! Love the pics <3

  • Linda

    Hi Tink. Glad to hear you had a relaxing night out with a young lady with whom you could share time, a drink, and trade info on culture and politics. You were a gentleman paying for her drink. The blue sky and female company was good for lifting the spirits. There will be other opportunities.
    Austria was one of two favorite countries that I loved as a young girl. You will love it I’m sure!
    Love you XOX

  • Grandpa

    Hi Tink
    Wonderful blog entry, you had me laughing so hard. It was great to hear you met a young lady and had some good conversation. Finding someone to spend even a little time with is a great lift to the body and mind. Why are all the castles and stores closed when you want to see them or need them ?. Did you buy a chicken sandwich just in case, hahaha.
    Be safe have fun.
    Love Grandpa?

  • Ray

    It sure sounded like a date to me! You will be the talk of the town if you venture out, visit the Gasthauses, take your computer, write while you are out. There are lots of very smart women over there who would love to chat with you, so why not!

    Sunday’s, holidays, all are huge problems when it comes to food. It’s a big change from home, where everything is open every day. I am sure you will get used to it! I am excited for you to make it back into Germany, truly the bottom part that borders Austria, and Switzerland is quite stunning. I cannot wait to see where you go!

    Have fun, get out, and next time if you are on a date, get her name! Ya never know what will happen next!