Acazia Official Poland Blog – Whoopsie Wroclaw

It’s finally October. I’ve been waiting to change the date in the title. Happy birthday bro. Now, I don’t consider myself an expect traveler, but I’m no amateur either. I made my first mistake this week; three in fact.

#1. The train from Poznan to Wroclaw was missing. I looked and looked but couldn’t find the right number anywhere. I was there on time and the schedule was posted on the monitor, but my mode of transportation didn’t exist. I did notice a train with a different number departing to Wroclaw the same time mine was supposed to; in ten minutes. I ran through the station and grabbed a seat in the caboose. This absolutely must’ve been my train. It was going to the same place at the same time. The ticket checker inspected my voucher, and then gave me ‘the look.’ I explained that this must’ve been my train just with a different number. Apparently it wasn’t. Who schedules two trains to leave at the same time and go to the same place? Anyway, not wanting to be thrown out of a moving locomotive I purchased a ticket for the ride I had stolen. A whopping $10 mistake.

#2. I got hungry, as people tend to do. I strolled to the store, yanked on the door and it rattled locked. Weird. Second place; closed as well. Oh no- it’s Sunday. I had been so good remembering the rule, how could I have been so stupid to forget: grocery stores are closed on Sunday all throughout Europe. Agh, I’m starving and I have nothing leftover. Luckily, crisis averted relatively quickly. Though some big chains are closed, little convenience store are still open. I waited in the long, long queue to get my meals for the day and I’m glad I did. I found some new foodstuffs, and after a month of cheeseburgers and plain pasta, microwave butter chicken was delectable. Even after the big stores reopened the next day, I went back to the convince store instead.

#3.  To the pieprzony dupek who stole from me, how dare you. You had no right. That was MY chicken sandwhich labeled clearly in the comunal fridge. You are just the worst kind of person. It was $3 and I had to go back out in the rain to get another one. I hope it was good and I hope you chocked on it.

With that out of the way, the rest of my time was fine. The lift to my fourth floor hostel had no walls separating the elevator platform from the doors. It was super sketchy the first time, but not wanting to climb those stairs every day, I got used to it. My roommates were quiet this time, except the first night where there was a huge thud that shook the room. Heads popped out from their hiding places to see nothing and find no one making the clatter. We suspected the next day that the drunken guy had fallen out of bed, but quickly returned to his mattress. And by we, I mean the Indian lady from California and the Polish guy living in the UK, who came home for surgery because England is too expensive.

As for sightseeing, one thing mainly stood out. While there were some cool squares and parks, as well as churches and a mall even bigger than the one in Poznan, it was the art. In its own separate building designed specifically for it, the paining wrapped around the room, encircling me. It was to commemorate the Battle of Raclawice between Poland and Russian in 1794. It was a spectacular masterpiece.

Wroclaw was nice, with a similar feel to Poznan. Chilli Hostel’s beds had curtains. Curtains! I am not afraid to admit how nice it was to have privacy for the first time in weeks and that I definitely stuck myself in there for a lengthy amount of time.

I’ll miss the privacy and the whacky elevator, but I must move on. I suspect I’ll be busy in Krakow.


  • Ray

    Ty, I am sorry I laughed about the train ride, easy to make a mistake when you do not speak the language! I laughed about Sundays, we chatted about it, and it was always one of the things I never got used to. Sundays, they might as well have rolled up the sidewalks, because it is hard to find anything open! Lucky that you did!

    Sorry about your chicken sandwich, I am sure the guy will have karma visit him…it always does. Good thing it was cheap though, and good on ya for eating like a local!!!

    I howled about the elevators, I am sure it will not be your last sketchy ride in a European elevator, I am sure Edgar Allen Poe was a consultant in their design…LOL

    Love the little video TY!!!

    I cannot wait to read about where you go next!!! Enjoy Ty, and find a balance that works for YOU!

  • Your Biggest Fan

    Ah the trials and tribulations of world travel. I am glad to see you are taking it in stride. It can definitely be difficult to navigate when you do not know the customs nor the language, but most of the time people are helpful. Not sure why the train going to the same place at the same time made a difference, sorry about the $10. I think it is great that the Europeans know how to relax and take time off but I can see how Sunday closures would be an adjustment to the North American visitor. Sounds like the convenience store fit the bill though and as for the guy (or gal) who stole your clearly marked sandwich, “how rude!”
    A sketchy lift and judgemental travellers…keeping things interesting! Just more writing fodder.
    THAT video! I love that you have such an appreciation for art and architecture, not everyone can see the beauty in these masterpieces. I would come to Wroclaw just to experience that painting. Thank you for sharing it! Your photos once again capture the magnificence of the area you are in. You definitely have a great eye and I love them as much as your written word. I see a great future for you 😉
    As always, your blog made me smile and even laugh aloud a little. Living vicariously through you warms my heart and makes me pretty darn proud

  • Jody

    Hi Ty,
    Love the video, wish I could be there to see it myself.
    Happy to hear that you didn’t go hungry and found a little shop open, that must be hard to get use to, stores being closed on Sundays that is. I hope that the person who took your sandwich was desperate, starving and had no money, and really needed it, and not just some turd who was lazy and inconsiderate.
    Sorry your train ticket cost you more than it should have, but you made it to your destination safe and sound. As for the drunk who hit the floor ?. Can’t wait to hear about your next stop. ❤️

  • Grandpa

    Hi Tink
    If we didn’t make mistakes from time to time life would be real boring.
    Glad to hear you are sharing your meals with fellow travelers &*_8£^%?. Sooo I see you are also expanding your dietary menu! Elevators with only a floor and a patchwork ceiling are quite common in Europe. Wow with all the fun you are have you can write for travel magazine hahaha.
    Love you, be safe and be careful and have FUN.

  • Linda

    Hi Tink. You have stayed at so many hostels now that you could write a guide , where and where not to stay in Europe.
    I gather the butter chicken was a welcome change, crummy your chicken sandwich took a walk without you!
    The video of the wrap around Battle of Raclawice between Poland and Russia was exactly that SPECTACULAR !
    Love you.