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Vienna, Austria, what can I say? Did you live up to the hype? Well, just like everywhere before, pros and cons. Hostel a&o was… disappointing. Nothing particularly huge, just the bathroom was the size of a closet, which made showering surprisingly difficult. The fact that there was no kitchen was even more of an inconvenience. There was nothing to cook with; zero, none. No stove, no microwave and only a tini tiny fridge that looked well worn. There was a kettle, but only after filling my cup’o’insta’noodle did I realize there was nothing to eat them with; no fork, no spoon, no spatula. So- they was drunken. Thankfully the supermarket sold premade sandwiches. That, along with some other no-cook foods was my diet for the week. Speaking of… three times now; three times stores have been closed. I don’t know what it is about me trying to shop on national holidays but it needs to stop.

My company was interesting. First the Turkish guy, who introduced himself as Persian, was out most of the day and gave me a cookie once. He was nice as was the guy on the bunk below me; the first fellow Canadian I’ve met on my travels. He was from Edmonton and trying to learn German to move and live here with his distant family. We often had little back and forths; some of his family lived in Victoria for a time and some of mine in Calgary. There was also a dude from Bulgaria who constantly played videos and talked on speaker phone without headphones in. He told me he was a politician and showed me pictures of the business he owned and his model employees. He kept gesturing to the pretty girls then to me, saying “yeah?” Matchmaker I guess. And yes, all three of these gentlemen snored; lightly, but still…

A couple from Germany popped in for a few nights too, and the guy’s fashion sense was… non-existent. Now I’m not the trendiest person, but even I know a strange explosion of rainbow colours on both tops and bottoms might look super cool when you’re high, but is vomit inducing when not. It was like the love child of tacky Hawaiian shirt and tie-dye. To add to this, he had the audacity to cap himself with a plaid brown beret. Seriously this guy’s look was so insane I can’t even fully describe nor comprehend it. His girl looked normal by the way.

You were in Vienna, so you must’ve gone to the opera right? No. Too expensive and I didn’t feel I had the classiest attire (but at least I didn’t look like that guy.) I did wander about and do the usual book, work, book routine. A ways away, about an hour, there was a place I absolutely had to see; or rather a pair of them.

The Belvedere palace was amazing. Both upper and lower sections of the palace displayed a vast art gallery (or so I’m told. I opted out of from time’s sake) and were connected by the garden. It was grand, with a pair of steps rising up to each subsequent level. It was good five minute walk from end to end. Now that might not sound far, but try it. There was a little hedge maze at the lower end, a dried up fountain in the middle and a white gravel path lined with greenery and statues to the top. This was only the backyard. When I exited the grounds from the front, I was met with the splendid view of the main gates and a glistening blue pond. Everyone else was taking pictures, so I figured I might as well join in.

Across a small park waited the entrance to the military museum. I’d been looking forward to something like this since Berlin. The entry hall reminded me of Caesar’s Palace of all things. Gold figures carved into columns, painted walls and ceilings and a fancy looking coatroom. The low entry fee made this the cheapest touristy thing I’ve done so far (aside from the free walking tours.) Up the red carpeted steps and to the floor above were two main exhibits; the Turkish Siege of Vienna and the Napoleonic Wars with a few other conflicts sprinkled in. On the ground floor were displays of the first and second world wars. Through all the guns and swords, armour and artillery there was something I did not expect hidden out back.

They were great places to see, the palace and the military museum, but unfortunately, Vienna didn’t quite do it for me. It felt like a city; concrete blocks for buildings that lacked the bright colours of Krakow or the quaintness of Brno. The rail station was a long, boring walk from the hostel. There are probably some small things I missed which would’ve made the trip more enjoyable, but every big city feels similar. When I came to Europe I was expecting something more; green fields, snow capped peaks and a quite little town to enjoy…


  • Your Biggest Fan

    Once again, you had me in stitches! Your humour in recounting your travel tribulations is terrific! Fellow Canadian, eh? Nice. What people find stylish is always interesting and it sounds like this fella was a doozy. Wonder why the girl did not help with his fashion faux pas if she was “normal?” Oh well… at the very least it must have been entertaining watching his choice of attire each day!

    I am sorry that Vienna was not for you but glad you went and spent some time seeing the things that interest you. The palace and museum are places I will surely check out as well; they sound amazing. I am sure there is much to see there, and it is a centre for music, but I understand the cost aspect. Maybe another time. Budgets, while stifling, are a necessary evil sometimes. You have done well because you are savvy and choose to spend what you have on what truly interests you, not the “check-in-the-box” mentality, which will help you greatly. The longer you can travel the better.

    Crappy about the hostel but this is why doing a review is a great thing. If you can share with other travellers the need to do a thorough check on their accommodations before they arrive or advise them of what amenities they will not find at a given location, then you have helped someone avoid one of the pitfalls of travel.

    Third time is obviously not a charm for you so know the holidays at your next stop 🙂

    Your writing is brilliant and we so enjoy our weekly “Tyler time.” We cannot wait to read what you have been inspired to scribe during your week. Amongst other things, I am so glad that this journey has given you the freedom to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, as it were.

    While I miss you, I am so proud every time I think about the amazing things you are doing, seeing, experiencing. Stay! Enjoy! Live! Search for that love, embrace your passions and find balance!

  • Ray

    Ah, Europe and their fashion trends! Glad you enjoyed the show! Although Vienna might not have been your cup of tea, I am sure your upcoming stops will be stunning! I am excited that you will be touring through my former “stomping grounds” so to speak. I will take your mom there soon, and I am glad you are exploring the world!

    Enjoy what is coming next Ty, and know that although people might not comment, they are following you and love you…

    Adventure on!!!

  • Linda

    Hi Tink. It does strike me as odd that some of the hostels do not have small kitchens to offer the weary traveler in this day and age. The description of the gentleman with the weird attire had me laughing. I remember the gypsies in Germany as they camped and passed through town in their rather colorful and mismatched attire. Men were the worse offenders however! Their caravans were incredibly decorated and beautifully painted though. I don’t remember seeing their camps or caravans in Austria although in those days they travelled throughout Europe.
    Vienna may not have been your cup of tea but you never know what is around the bend waiting for you to discover.
    Onward Tink. I look forward to your telling of the next adventure.