Acazia Official Germany Blog – The Last 120

In Europe they have something called the Schengen area. It’s a group of countries with a time limit for people without special visas to travel within. The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria are all part of this area and have a communal 90 day limit. I’m at 85.

I learned of this back in Brno and concocted a basic plan. After leaving Lindau, I went back to Munich to run out the clock. I found a cheap place to stay while I waited for my flight. The train came into the city and soared past the hostel

 so I had to walk the hour. I wasn’t in love with the place, but it would do. The foyer, including the lobby was under construction, so I had to wait on the stairs. I busied myself with my phone before checking in. My few roommates kept to themselves over the few days I was there, only offering up greetings and farewells. We had a TV in the room, which was a first, and a few of the guys watched sports and the local news. I had my laptop open nearly all day, doing as many projects as I could just to pass the time. No kitchen again, so it was fresh fruit and pastries for the near-week.

When day 90 finally came I was up early and out the door. Just shy of an hour long, the tram took me to the airport. There I sat, and waited, watching people off to their own destinations. There was a Christmas market here too, at their airport of all things. Log cabin stalls filled the courtyard, with an outdoor ice rink at its center. I partook in a little snack before heading through security.

I had a little laugh with the border guard and her partner who must’ve been new. She was explaining to him the Schengen area and the 90 day rule. I guess I was the perfect example.

When the afternoon turned evening, I geared up to fly, ensuring my phone was at full battery. I boarded, jammed my bag’o’burden into the overhead compartment and got as comfortable as could be. Less than two hours from Munich to London.

Stepping on British soil for the first time in a long time, I flew through customs with ease and found my ride out of there, out of the Schengen area and to a nice, cozy bed.


  • Proud Dad....

    You continue to make me proud Ty. I love that you have taking this opportunity to live life to its fullest and makes me smile reading about your adventures.

  • Your Biggest Fan

    Well your 90 days were up and luckily you had some beautiful people waiting for you in England; a place to recharge and relax. Loved hearing about your first three months living abroad and can’t wait to hear about the next three. Enjoy the world Ty. Looking forward to our next book chat. ?